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Tweaks wedding party
Devons Brightest Party Band
Tweaks - totally live music for your music venue or what-ev-errr...
Tweaks play the best floor fillers and other great party songs from then-til-now
Stevie Wonder - Queen - Killers - Fratellis - Beatles - Abba - Motown - Robert Palmer - Stereophonics
John Phil guitarist Tim
Johnboy Tweak Gran'paw Tweak Cousin Tweaky Uncle Tweakster
little drummer boy
ought to know better
little strummer boy
exists in monochrome
Just a few of the songs specially chosen to get you on the floor dancing and singing:
If you require a special song for your function please let us know and we'll do our best to play it for you,
but no Elvis or songs with whistling and if you want Mustang Sally that will be 50 quid extra - each
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How much does it cost to book Tweaks?
It depends on a number of factors such as location, early set-up, start and finish times.
Please contact us for a quotation.
How long do Tweaks play for?
We normally play 2 one hour sets, but we are flexible.
What size performance area do Tweaks require?
Ideally a minimum of 5 x 3 metres.
More is better, and a stage is even more betterer (sic).
What sound and lighting do Tweaks have?
We have sufficient PA equipment for most venues
and basic lighting for the band.
What power do Tweaks require?
Two 13amp power sockets nearby should do it.
Ideally these should be from different circuits on
the fuse board and not be in use by other equipment.
Do Tweaks need a dressing room?
Nice but not essential, however we do need somewhere
to store our cases close to the performance area.
Is it ok to leave the TV on when Tweaks are playing?
Not cool! We will not play if the TV is on, unless it's a video of us...